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Interesting places to photograph are everywhere; but the best ones are always those we haven't seen yet.   Cities have one unique feature.
The more good friends you have there, the more beautiful the cities become.
  Multi-functionality makes edible "models" twice as alluring. You can take pictures of them and then consume them...   I love wild flowers or flowers in someone else's garden.
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My models are mostly the good old usual suspects, with some exceptions.   When it comes to shooting a still-life, my willingness does not always match my abilities. I hope in time I'll close the gap.   If u r my friend or feel like one u r welcome to post one of your photographic works in my friends' book.   Here comes the new link of my old hobby.
Bracelets, earrings and other accessories made by me for myself and my friends.

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and very special thanks to my classmates for their gift of Samsungs NV10.

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