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Guitar Girl: a spontaneous spring photo session in a summer house.
There is no better place for the weekend than a countryside house with BBQ, guitar and a good company.
  Welcome to Lebanon: the country of contrasts and cedars!
Special thanks to my friend Alina and Keshishian family for unforgettable memories of the Cedars' Land.
  Russian Dumplings from A to Z: step by step photo instructions.
Special thanks to my friend Suso and her dearest daughters Sona & Ani for hosting and making the dumplings.
  Postcards from my summer holidays!
This year I celebrated my birthday in Batumi where I tried khinkali for the first time.
That was delicious!
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The hamster’s weekend photo session: Blondy in the painted jar.

Men on black: guys going crazy before, during and after lunch:)
  The anniversary edition of my website I decided to celebrate with the new link of my old hobby: making bracelets, beads, earrings etc. for me and my friends.
The link called hasoMADE Accessories.
  After browsing through a website of a young wedding photographer Liliya Gorlanova, I thought of starting a page where I could share Links to other photographers' sites whose work I admire.   You know what?
Grey eyes look incredible in BW photos.

Check it out in new Summer Portraits.
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This year's spring awakened my arty genes and with a few touches in Photoshop the landscapes of Ararat region turned into photo versions of Saryan's paintings.
To find these transformations, follow the link Landscapes.

Blossom and flower lovers can view the link Flowers & other plants which I updated with the new spring photos.
  In February 2008 I was hosted by my dearest classmate’s family in the city of Basel, Switzerland. There from February 11-13 hold the biggest carnival in Switzerland Fasnacht.

It is the pre-Lenten carnival in Alemannic folklore and it takes place annually between February and March. Fasnacht has recently been listed as one of the top fifty local festivities in Europe.
  Welcome to have a look at Fasnacht photos in the links Portraits and Cities.

You can also find some more photos from Switzerland in the links Landscapes, Close up Gourmet and Flowers & other plants.

The links Still life and Friends’ book are also updated.
  It was just about time to update my website and I finally did it!

I took away some photos and links, and restructured the whole photo gallery.

I also added one new link to my site: Close up Gourmet.

You can find photos of a lot of delicious stuff there.

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